You’re missing out if you’re a business owner who doesn’t use a password manager. Discover more password manager benefits and see how one can help your business.

Easy Memorization

You should have your employees use a different password for every device, website, and application they use. It’s a critical practice that hinders hackers from accessing multiple data sources.

It also makes remembering the different passwords difficult. Your employees might spend a decent amount of time trying to recall them.

With a password manager, your employees only have to remember a single code to access the manager, which stores the rest.

Random Generation

The more random a password, the harder it is for hackers to steal. You won’t have to worry about memorizing a random string of numbers, letters, and symbols. Thus, you can confidently use the password generation feature on the manager.

Randomly generated passwords significantly increase the security of your devices and applications.

Fast Access

Once you install the password manager, you can also use a browser extension to quickly manage multiple accounts and websites. These extensions usually have an autofill feature that lets you fill in the password with a single click.

These extensions do not reduce the security of the password manager. The password remains on the manager rather than the browser, which is traditional.

Simple Changes

One of the biggest password manager benefits is how easy it makes changing your passwords.

It would help if you change your passwords every three months. However, the process is often inconvenient at best. At worst, it slows down productivity as you wait for confirmation emails.

With a password manager, random password generation and automatic storage make changing them fast and easy. Some managers can do it with the click of a single button.

Easy Account Sharing

Do you have multiple employees that require access to the same information? Then, a password manager can make sharing accounts and associated passwords easy. They only need the password to the manager and they can access everything else from there.

Multiple Storage Types

While a manager is great for password storage, it can also store other important information for your business. You can also store security question answers, customer demographics, and other sensitive information you require to run your business.

Device Flexibility

You can use the same password manager across multiple devices. This means you can use it for your office computer. However, if you need to do some work on the go, you still maintain the same access (and benefits) on your mobile device, laptop, or iPad.

Additional Security Features

If you’re looking for additional password manager benefits, look for one with the following additional security features:

  • Breach notifications: Breach notifications alert you when a website you’ve entered a password on experiences an attack.
  • Encryption: Encrypting your passwords makes it more difficult for hackers to crack them.
  • Security alerts: Security alerts can tell you if you’re reusing a vulnerable password.

Using a password manager can improve your business’s functionality overall.


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